About Us

PT. LIETS Inspire Indonesia or simply called "LIETS" was estabished in 2015. In our daily activities we have strong intention to balance the commercial aspect with sosial aspect., thus for example, we are willing to give free of charge training and education for lack of financial students, or to share our knowledge with school and university, etc. This concept of life has also driven us to offer the affordable cost of our services to our client. We put our customers as our partner rather than only a client. That is why the solutions for our customers's obstacles is also put as our priority.  


Aligned with our vision and mission, we aim to conduct the business with trust, respect and ethical behavior.  Featuring the trust as one of our values, we prioritize long-term relationship and networking as our business platform. We respect our customers and all other stakeholders as driver to grow and sustain the business. Last but not least, we do the activities along our business value chains ethically. We are open mind to get the feed back from others and always looking any ways for improvement. This reflected in our motto: "We are willing to learn and eager to contribute".


LIETS Mission Statement: Become the first choice and most reliable company in developing safety competences of human resources and supporting business compliance to operate in Indonesia. We aim to support companies or individuals to improve their safety competence in any relevant areas with keeping a balance between commercial and social aspect.

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The Founder

Ir. R. Sumaryana, MBA

Mr. Sumaryana is a chemical engineer and industry practitioner. He has experiences in chemical manufacturing for more than 20 years in various functions including plant management and country head for multinational company. Mr. Sumaryana is the President Commissioner of LIETS Indonesia.

N. Tresnasih, SH, MH

Mrs. Tresnasih is a multi-area practitioner. Her education background in accounting and law helped her to take the responsibility in various functions such as Accounting, HR, General Affair as well as law firm. Mrs. Tresnasih is the Director of LIETS Indonesia.