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LIETS as PJK3 (Perusahaan Jasa Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja) is  appointed by Kemnaker (Ministry of Manpower) to conduct K3 training and certification in the scheme of safety regulations applicable in Indonesia, i.e:  .

K3 Mesin Perkakas dan Produksi (PTP), Forklift, Crane, Petugas P3K, Petugas K3 Kebakaran, Operator Boiler, Juru Las, Ahli K3 Umum, Ahli K3 Bidang Kimia, Teknisi K3 yang bekerja pada ketinggian (TKBT), Teknisi K3 Pestisida, Teknisi K3 Deteksi Gas, Petugas K3 Utama Ruang Terbatas (Confine Space) and many more.

We have experienced consultants who are able to focus on diagnosing the lack of compliance  of a company to SMK3 requirement, and come up with precise recomendation as well as adequate assistance to bring the safety level to SMK3 certification readiness.


Genset Training and Certification-Cilegon, May 2019

First Aider Training and Certification-Cilegon, May 2019

PTP Training and Certification-Jababeka, April 2019

First Aider Training and Certification-Jakarta, May  2019